Letters from Devotees




"Craig, thank you for helping me to see the best of India. I was absolutely blown away by the trip---it exceeded my expectations in every way. It's clear to me that I loved and enjoyed India so much because of the careful planning you put into every step of the tour. You know every hidden treasure of India--including the best meditation spots, the best hikes, and the best food! Thanks to your expertise and flawless execution, I was able to sit back and absorb all the sights, smells, sounds, and love for God that is so precious and abundant in India. I recommend your tour to all devotees--it is life-changing." - Fall 2011, E. W.

Dear Craig,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel to India with your group. I just retired last year, and as a long-time SRF Kriyaban for 30 years, I have always dreamed of going to India on a spiritual pilgrimage - to walk where the Gurus walked, and to immerse myself into the places and spiritual vibrations described in the many stories captured in the AY. You offered that and much more. Your ability to keep the group together, while still allowing each of us to have our own spiritual journey, was amazing. Wow fifteen devotees ( now friends) walking the path together 'chanting meditating divinely loving' god together was indeed a blessed experience, one I hardly anticipated, one I will never forget! My heartfelt gratitude for sharing "Guruji's India" with us.

“Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves and men dream God, I am hallowed; my body touched that sod!” Your passion for the path and India, allowed us to open our hearts to Guruji's many blessings and made it a spiritual journey of a lifetime.

Thanks for everything, and Jai Guru!

R. S., Encinitas, CA

"Having just returned from a month in India, I can say that I am an enthusiastic endorser of Craig Bell's India Tour. Having gone by myself three years ago, it is easy to contrast the smooth, no hassle manner in which Craig's tours run, versus the energy intensive and attention demanding way of going alone. For SRF devotees who wish, while in Master's India, to keep their consciousness on meditation and the historical landmarks so dear to all of us, I suggest going with Craig." S. T., Kalamazoo Meditation Group